there's a girl in my room

Cast of characters today - Cooper and Hadley. Playdate commenced and I grabbed my camera just to mess around with it and many smiles were had by me watching these two.

Cooper still in 'learning to share mode' kept his eye on her playing with "his" stuff for a quite a bit. It cracked me up.

And the careful watch continues. Hadley just kept playing and finding new things.

He finally got comfortable and the fun ensued.

They chatted and chased...

...shared some drinks

...gave me some smiles

...shared a kiss, oh my

...Hadley returning the moves (love Coopers face in these)

what a great afternoon this turned out to be, she'll be back I'm sure


Katelyn said...

my kel, you best watch out for cooper! he will be quite the charmer! ha these guys are cute together!

Kandis said...

these are the cutest pictures! loved Coopers face as well in the leg grab!!!

Dana said...

It just laughed out loud looking at these pics again. I seriously love the kissing ones and the leg grab ones but I think my favorite is where Hads is feeding Coop his drink. Haha! So glad you got these on camera.

Emily said...

Look at Cooper! Such a ladies man already. Wonder where he gets that from . . . ;)

You are the most adorable pregnant lady ever. Miss you guys like crazy!!!