free tickets = OneRepublic Concert

You can almost never go wrong when something is free. OneRepublic was sponsored to put on a free concert for the NHL AllStar Weekend and we hit up one of the hotstops to score free tickets. It was at a cool venue this past Thursday downtown Atlanta and we were so glad we went. If you haven't already done so, you need to download their album - excellent tunes. (faves "All We Are", "Come Home" and "Say")


We took a quick hike up Kennesaw Mountain two Saturdays ago instead of going to the gym. It was the nicest day, a great view, we could barely make out the ATL skyline in the distance. We were hoping to get some better pics from atop but it was kind of hazy.

Quick pose for the camera.


they found us

The buzz is true. This is best movie, amazing sci-fi thriller with a great cast and incredible cinematography/graphics. Interesting story and idea. If you don't know what the movie is yet it is Cloverfield.

shout out for snow

I have to give two thumbs up for the snow storm that occured here in Georgia on Saturday. It was the most I've ever seen here, maybe 2 inches but it didn't stick of course. The world did shut down for the weekend because of it, grocery stores bought out, businesses closing in the middle of the day, church cancelled for Sunday - for what? Scary white flakes falling from the sky - please, these people need to take a trip West and see a real snow storm.


'08 anthem

Cool Video, Song by Lenka “We Will Not Grow Old”

we made it to '08

Half the party left for the Eve's festivities but our night was filled with hot-tubbing and movies. This is us giving our '08 shout out (steve's is the best).

cabin fever

After weeks out west we headed back to the south and met up with Steve's fam at a cabin in North Georgia and is was FAB-U-LOUS full of card-playing, movie-watching, rock-banding, hot-tubbing and eating.




forever families

My Grandpa's funeral happened while we were still in Utah on December 29. It was great being with all our cousins and seeing everybody and for the most part it was pretty happy day with a few tears. My grandpa's life was pretty amazing with all the things he did until his old age. I want to live a healthy life just as he did. The burial was in Provo.


MY FAMILY with my other 91 year old Grandpa Earl




LAST MINUTE RIO RUN before changing and catching our flight to ATL

john mayer's take on Lovestoned

color of choice = brown

We had family pics over the break and the chosen attire was brown - hence all of us in brown in these pics. We had a good evening later eating appetizers for dinner, and who doesn't love a chocolate fountain. mmm

some enchanted afternoon

The day after skiing we went to the movies, those that had seen "I am Legend" already went with the kids to see Disney's Enchanted. Olivia was so excited she got all dressed up for the movie in her Disney Princess costume. Liv was a little scared of the wicked witch lady and the dragon but overall we voted two thumbs up - very cute.

kelly's mountains

...as Steve liked to call it. I was correcting him everytime that it was Kelly Canyon but he thought he was so funny (guys think they have the best jokes sometimes). So we had a ski/snowboard day at Kelly Canyon the day after Christmas and had a blast. The snow was great from the Christmas Eve dump and it was continuing to snow the whole day there.


homage to prime rib

Christmas dinner was DE-LI-CIOUS. My dad knows how to do a prime rib right! Stuffed with garlic cloves and rubbed with a salt crust and cooked medium rare - that is some good meat!

Kristopher's family made it up to the house finally Christmas afternoon and we all hung out all day. As you can tell from these pics we never got ready (classic). Christmas day started and ended too fast but was great.

it's christmas!

Christmas morning is always so much fun, opening presents, eating yummy breakfast, being with family. Fun was had by all.

christmas eve pj's

Many of you have this tradition as well to get new Pj's on Christmas Eve - well this is us modeling our new duds.

eve party at the v's

The annual Christmas Eve party was held at the Valentines as usual. It was all the families "christmas on" so we had a great time hanging out with everyone, seeing the new babies, and enjoying good eats. My parents were missed due to family phone calls with news of my grandpa but we were able to have fun with everyone there. The scriptural Nativity was read (not acted since we are all adult kids now) and we sang carols. This party is one of my favorite parts of Christmas when we're in Idaho.

This is all the snow that came Christmas Eve, it was nuts! But I was loving it...

bittersweet christmas eve

My Grandpa Lewis passed away on Christmas Eve. It was good news for him to finally be freed of this life and his health trials but still sad news. He was 90 and had had Parkinson's disease for about 15 years. He had been in an assisted living center for the past 4 years and had become a small frail man. It was finally his time to go and I know his reunion in heaven is great. The cool thing was his first wife (who had died of breast cancer after being married only 5 years) and him were married December 24, 1942, so he returned on what would have been their 65th wedding anniversary - he went home for Christmas.

christmas sunday dress

Steve flew in late Dec. 21, we stayed over at gramps and then got a ride with Kurt up to the Falls. We were so excited to be there for Christmas. It was fun going to church Sunday and seeing all our family friends. I sure miss them.


3 years ago we wed

We celebrated our 3-year anniversary December 22. It's been a sweet three years, being married is the best!