do you do PR?

Heck yes it's back on!!!! Project Runway Season 6 started last night. There were a bunch of great designers on there. The challenge was to create a red carpet look - be it for the Emmy's, Academy's, VMA's, Grammys...
Liking 10 out of 16 dresses? I think this is going to be a good season.
Thursday at 10pm on Bravo.


birth parties

Little Kenedee had her 3rd Birthday on August 15th but we had mini-party at my house before they moved mid-July. It was all princesses and she left with some great stuff to keep her entertained in the car.

I bought yummy new Coldstone Cupcakes. You HAVE to try them. I think you get 6 for $10.
And our nephew Mr. Clark had his 5th Birthday on August 13th. He loved all the attention on him that night and scored a brand new bike, watch out everybody!