christmas with the clarks

We spent Christmas at the Clarks this year and it was a good party!
Ben and Pip with our homemade presents
Steve's present from Brian, a framed line drawing.
Pip made Kasey and me these awesome scrapbooked calendars where we can insert our own pics for the year. So cute!
Steve holding baby Tate. We had a fun morning with breakfast and hanging out but then he had to go to work the rest of the day, bummer.
Enjoy Christmas, drink Coke! Actually this is a picture of the Chef and Sous Chef for Christmas Dinner. Pip was out with a hurt leg so we took over the kitchen. Me and B had some good times, the Coke got us through the meal, lol.

the EVE

The family 'Eve' party was at the Kelley's and we did an hors de oeuvres party. Steve unfortunately had to work but I went and hung with my in-laws for the good eats.
I tried getting pics with the nephews but they were crazy with excitement that night, they couldn't hold still. And some sweet pics with Baby Tate, the cutest little bundle.


homemade presents '08

We always trade names for the family gift exchange for Christmas. This year with Steve's family we decided to make homemade presents (to cut present costs) but everyone ended up spending money to make their homemade presents anyways. Oh well. Steve and me had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for our gifts. Steve had his bro-in-law Ben and I had Steve's mom Pip.
For Ben Steve made him the game of "Ladder Golf". You need 14 2ft. pieces and 16 1ft pieces of PVC pipe.
You need 12 elbow joints and 12 T joints.
Then you create two stands using the parts.
Then you need 12 golf balls with 6 pieces of 1.5 ft rope. You carefully drill a hole (big enough for the rope to be snug) through the golf ball. Then you knot each end of the rope and burn/melt it off so it won't fray. Having 6 of the balls be a different color would be ideal but you just draw designs on the balls to make them different from the other team.
Now you are ready to PLAY! Official rules found here.
For Pip's present I made Christmas throw pillows and a new cooking apron (which I didn't get a picture of).
Her Christmas colors are Red and Gold and I found somem awesome fabric to go along with that. I used two different reds and made them opposite designs. The gold just looked fab on it's own.
So I sewed, stuffed, and stitched them up.
These are the final two sets.
And this shows them grouped on my chair. I think she will love them.



Celebrating 4, and expecting many more. The Anniversary is ours today.


a new arrival for the Kelley's

Baby Tate was welcomed to the planet on December 19. She is Steve's sister's new baby. She is the most gorgeous little girl and it's so fun having another niece in the family. Happy Christmas.



If you love crab and you live in the area you need to go to Paul's on the River up in Helen. Helen is a crazy town up in the North Georgia mountains where are the buildings look like you're in the swiss Alps. Seriously though, all you can eat crab for $23.99 every Thursday. They initially bring you 3lbs and then will bring you 1lb more at a time after that. It is a real treat.

The Christmas lights up the main street.
Yes, this totally looks real.


my flight home

Thanks Utah for the snow. My two weeks out west were the best.


office party!!!!!

Another year, another office Christmas Party!, this year held at Squatter's which had some great food. The party was a blast with white elephant exchange (classic) and a killer game of Deal or No Deal where my team won $60 each! Thanks for the great party M&B!

The bosses and me.

A fab meetup with my old co-worker Jewelz at Thaifoon's the next night. love you jewelz!


the tradition of cheer lives on

I stayed an extra week out West to go to Kate's Regional Cheer Competition where they were trying for their bid to Nationals and they got it! Kandis choreographed the routine which was awesome, I designed the shirts for the fans, it turned into a whole Olson affair. My mom ordered a shirt for all of us, even Kurt was feeling proud in his "Skyline Cheer" shirt. I can't wait to go to Nationals again now. GO GRIZZ!

Awesome Tosses
Kate on the right in both stunts (flyer)
KateO's Squad
This girl....
The Head Cheerleader Streak - 4 in a row. Thanks for the genes mom! lol