We had a special visitor arrive from out West for a fun-filled five days - best friend Aunt Kate! And we started out the trip to the GA Aquarium.

Needless to say Cooper was all about ALL the fish.

Looking on with Dad.

Jellyfishes swimming, one of my favorite sea creatures.

Cooper (like his mom) loved touching the sea anemones.

One of my favorite things about this boy, his never-ending expressions. I also bought him this shark from our last visit almost a year ago and let him bring it in. He carried it around the almost the whole time.

Kate and Steve looking on.

I mean isn't this just a great face?

KateO found a lovely friend while cruising the underwater tube.

Kate and me with the fishies. We had a nice grouper make the shot.

Kate in front of the big tank wall.

You could really just sit here all day.

Another favorite, leafy sea dragons.

One of Cooper's favorite things, STARS.

Petting the manta rays.

Playing with the penguins.

Cooper loved having his best friend Aunt Kate play for a few days.


Emily said...

Ok serious? Stop growing up! Right now! He is adorable. Caroline needs another date with him :)

KO: looking amazing per usual pregnant!

Hannah said...

I kinda of saw your belly in one pics....so cute! where are the other belly pics. i loved the ones you took with coop.

celeste said...

did you see the aquarium on the RHOA reunion? i was all, "i know that place!" still need to see it in real life, though. great photos!