pool pals

We spent our last morning at the pool of course and my two boys (soon to be three) played the time away.

Being tossed in the air is one of Cooper's favorite games lately.

They had some arching fountains and they ran and ran through them back and forth.

Cooper thought this was GREAT fun!

Seeing my reflection in his glasses, what a great little trip to kick off the last month of pregnancy.


beach vs pool

We cruised to the beach for the morning again and although I love the beach, Cooper still voted the pool.

He played for a bit in the sand...

And observed the waves...

And was ready to head back to the car. Booo, so we went back for lunch and naps.

We went and hung out at Pier Park later for dinner and some shopping around. Cooper was being a goof while eating some pizza. Dad and Cooper are besties.

Cooper could have played with this car display for hours. He would grab them off their shelving and line them up on the other shelf. He cannot get enough cars these days.

That evening we enjoyed the pool some more and Cooper had a blast with playing catch with Dad.

His expressions are the best these days.

Hanging with his favorite buddy

Swimming with mom was almost as fun as with his Dad, licorice topped off the night though.


one last road trip

We took off to Panama City Beach for Memorial Day Weekend for one last road trip before #2 makes his debut.

Cooper was feeling like quite the big kid exploring the pier and watching the fishermen.

Steve was showing him all the cool things.

One fisherman caught a King Mackerel, pretty exciting to watch.

Our family of three for a few more weeks.

We planned to hang at the beach after the pier but Cooper did not like the big waves in the Gulf (compared to the mild ones in Daytona a few months ago) so we only stayed for about an hour.

After naps we had fun in the sweet pool and Cooper LOVED that, especially driving his motorcycle in the water. Motorcycles love the pool too, don't they?


ridiculous? or ridiculously good!

Steve said thumbs down, too much sweetness for him. But I say thumbs up! I had to make these after I saw Bobby Flay with his mad skills on one of his shows - Nutella and Banana Sandwiches. If you like sweet breakfasts or snacks give this babies a try.


passione italiana

What's better than FREE! It was free admission day at the Museum of Design Atlanta and their current exhibit was Passione Italiana - the Design of the Motorcycle. Perfect morning outing for the motorcycle-loving boys in our house.

It was all about the "design passion and technological advancement behind the most desired motorcycles in the world. This exhibition presents eleven masterpieces of Italian motorcycle design spanning the last five decades including motorcycles by MV Agusta, Ducati, Bimota and Moto – Morini."

Cooper and Steve had a great time walking around checking them all out. Cooper wore a motocycle shirt for the special occastion ;)

Quick snap of me

Cooper playing with his car while dad was reading up on the exhibit

The Ducati's were my favorite.

Timeframe of popular fashion, industrial, and automotive design. Cooper thought he'd get a closer look and loved spotting the motorcycle pics. Thanks FREE museum day.


i am his

...mom. Playing this role for him and our next little boy on the way makes me the lucky one. (just a little impromptu shoot with my boy) Happy Mothers Day.


our new home

Could you even imagine? haha. We visited the Atlanta History Center today with Dana and Hadley and had a fab morning exploring the gardens.

This is the Swan House, built in 1928 for the Edward H. Inman family, heirs to a cotton brokerage fortune.. The mansion provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of this Atlanta family during the 1920s and 1930s. Pretty gorg right?

Cooper and Hads playing in the fountains - the water outranked the house in their eyes.

View from the other side.

Playing on the stairs and playing with rocks, great entertainment.

Little love.

Playing chase = best game ever.

Cool place to check out if you haven't been, we give it a thumbs up.