and a happy halloween to you too

(thanks for the costume grandma pip)


he loves the camera

Taking pics with my neph Cole after the carving, he loves this thing called the camera.

we have a repeat winner

Sunday we had our family carve-off and Steve pulled out the win for the second year in a row! Steve and me thought the judges were taking crazy pills cause we both thought Steve's mom should have won, she came in second. I was disqualified for not finishing mine (due to our love child) but everyone brought their game this year with some fab entries.
Intensely working on their ideas.
Steve putting on the final touches.
THE JOKER -by Steve Clark
FRANKENSTEIN - by Pip Clark (steve's mom)
TWILIGHT LOVE - by Brian (steve's bro) and Sarah
SQUASHING - by the Kelley's


pumpkin pizz-atch

Our Fifth annual Trip to Burt's Farm and the Apple Festival. Cooper was in for a treat.
You've never seen so many pumpkins!
The Clarks now 3!
I wanted a pic of Cooper laying on a giant pumpkin but he had just sacked out. I couldn't risk waking this sweet boy up.
Staying warm with dad, a chilly 55ยบ day.
The Kelley's
Cole riding the tractor

This one is for grandma, thanks for the shirt, happy halloween to you!


baldness, rolls and olson cheeks

What does Cooper have to show for the last 5 weeks? Male Patterned baldness, rolls galore, and the infamous Olson cheeks. This is the progression of Mr. Cooper.


my day

It was my turn to turn 30! My birthday was nice and low-key this year (since we just had Cooper) but I was able to enjoy good times with Steve's family. These cupcakes are from Coldstone, my new favorite dessert. You gotta try them!


daddy love

sports center? what?
'this is a golf ball'
like looking in the mirror