rip passat, hello pilot

My first car I bought (a 2000 Passat in '03) was costing us an arm and a leg every year in expensive fixes so after putting another grand into it in November we put it up for sale and sold it in 5 days on craigslist - which then left us a single car family sporting Steve's 96' Nissan Sentra as the family sedan for a month. Although it can be done, only having one car, it is nice being able to have two again.
It came down to a Nissan Pathfinder or a Honda Pilot and the winning choice for the new mobile was a Honda Pilot. It was so much bigger inside. We got a killer deal on a lease turn in and got an '06 Honda Pilot EXL. Hello sweet ride. Glad to have you join us.


the holi-days

The day after Christmas we went racing with the Valentines.
I LOVED it! I might become a professional driver.
This was seriously a blast, we all had fun.
Steve was a speed-racer, probably the best one.
Our competitors.
Sunday Christmas outfits, yah Christmas!
Kenedee playing with Cooper and Steve
Is she not the cutest?
Playing with Cooper and Kate this time.
Next up, Bowling with the Valentines!
The kids thought it was pretty cool.
Just the girls in pjs, thanks for a great holiday family! Back to Atlanta


it's christmas!

8am rise and shine!
Steve can't even wait.
Cooper found his spot.
Let's do this (how come it seems so early?)
The kids and their loot.
The biggest surprise, all of us going in on a Kitchenaid for my mom.
Cooper loved the whole morning, his first look at goldfish, checking out his toys, hanging with mom and dad.
This was a happy boy on Christmas, I think he knew it was a special day.
Cleaned up ready for Christmas dinner.
My Dad recently has been putting on a de-lish prime rib dinner, it's been something I look forward to at Christmas now. mmmm Thanks for a great Christmas mom and dad.


eve in the falls

We've been getting together with the AFF (All For Fun) Crew for I don't know how many years now for Christmas Eve. It is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.
The moms cook up an amazing meal and we all eat and visit.
The nativity is making it's comeback with the next generation, the grandkids. We haven't done it for at least maybe 12 years and now with all of us having our own kids we're bringing back and it was fab. Brian Gertsch upped the program with some acoustic carols.
I love you Olsons, Valentines, and Jones!



Steve and I celebrated our 5th anniversary and the love keeps growing. We've had some great times and adventures over the years and I know life will only get better from here.


cowboy cousins

I love this pic. These two loved hanging together.
They love vacation at Grandma's.
Dad's Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. They gave all the kids these free hats. Kandis and me had our hands full during dinner because Lincoln didn't want to eat when the food came and Kenedee had to go to the bathroom. Then Cooper so timely decided to blow out his pants. My mom helped me go change him and put on his backup outfit all the while our food is getting cold and everyone is practically done. The joys of motherhood have arrived ;)
Cowboy hats for everyone.


happy birthday dad

We of course had to take pictures the Sunday before Christmas.
The grandkids and grandparents.
Cooper, Kenedee, and Lincoln, just about the best pic we could get.
My mom and me both put on black turtlenecks, had to get a picture.
Cooper enjoying the afternoon.
Kenedee LOVED holding Cooper about everyday. Both Kenedee and Grandma loved talking him.
That evening we celebrated my dad's 54th birthday. It only happens every few years that us kids are home for his party. It was fun to celebrate with him.
Dad looking thrilled to open his presents.
Make a good wish dad!


hanging in the Falls

Kenedee wrote her letter to Santa so we all went and dropped it at Santa's mailbox. It was by the Museum of Idaho where we visited afterwards to checkout their nativity display and gingerbreadhouse display.
After dropping it in the box, Kenedee wanted it back. She didn't quite get the mailing aspect. She kept Cooper entertained in the car. He thought she was the coolest.
Kenedee was always busy in the playroom all week and she had set up all these cups, dishes, and food in such an artful random order. I had to take a picture.
Pretty often we were all on our computers over the few weeks and my mom just thought it was hilarious so she made us all sit together to get a picture. Gotta lover her.


comin to grandma's

Cooper and me flew to SLC where we met up with grandma and Kandis, Kenedee, and Lincoln to drive to IF. We stopped to see my Grandpa (Cooper's Great) before the road trip.
These are all the kids ready to ride, they look thrilled right?