my pool boys

I took my boys to the pool at the Kelley's and it was a swimming extravaganza, lol. Cooper loved eating the goggles.

There were pool length races with the dads, playing with boats, squirt guns, and kiddie pools. What's not to love?

This boy is almost always all smiles.

And the other exciting part was leaving Cooper to play with his cousins for the afternoon while Steve and me caught a flick, and it's my new favorite - Inception.


the many faces of Coop

Kisses for Dad.

This little boy is quite hilarious these days pulling all sorts of new faces. It makes us laugh all the time. The following is just a glimpse of his new expressions.


tubes and cabbage

We headed up to Helen, GA to float the river with the Kelley's. Coop had a nice nap as we floated most of the way. I don't think it was Steve's favorite afternoon (since he was the one having to pull us off rocks after getting stuck) but overall it was enjoyed.

BUT just like we thought it was a good idea, so did everyone else in Atlanta. There were soooooo many people up there, practically ridiculous but made for some good people watching.

The Kelley's wanted to make a pit-stop at the Babyland Hospital on the way home (where Cabbage Patch kids are born ;)

And it was the funniest thing. The place was decked out, they have deliveries all day, they do ultrasounds on the cabbage, you can name the babies, it was quite cute for little girls to check out.

And if I had one wish I would put the cabbage patch smell into candle form so I could smell it all day. I miss that smell, oh the childhood memories. The blonde canvas on the bottom right looks exactly like one I had back in the day.



Steve met up with his high school friends for a golf trip in Orlando mid July. Lots of manly activities included eating steak, playing basketball, video games, swimming, and of course 2 full days of golf - Steve's favorite activity of all. Glad he could expend his manliness in style.


red white blue

The Fourth of July was fun even though it was no match for an Idaho Falls Fourth of July ;) but the south still tries to do it up right. We went to the local parade and festivities with Steve's fam. Nothing like watching a million politicians campaigning and pageant girls waving for half the parade entries. But we did get to enjoy carnival food, namely a delicious corndog, my fave.

Cooper loves to attack my chin like it's a teething toy. We both end up laughing everytime.

Cooper loved his amazing flag shirt courtesy Grandma Kris, classic.

Our familia ready to go home for naps.

We showed Cooper a few fireworks and sparklers at home that evening. He just stared at them (I think cause he likes lights) but didn't show too much excitement. Steve and me had fun though. I tried to give Cooper a good show, lol.


thirty-one, really

It's our year to both turn 31 and Steve's birthday comes 3 months and 3 days before mine. We celebrated with the usual Outback affair and spent time with Mr. Coop. A great birthday indeed. He, of course, is buying his own birthday present this year, something along the lines of golf probably.

I surprised Steve with a giant quart of TCBY cotton candy frozen yogurt instead of a cake (oh yeah, don't even think you're too old for cotton candy flavor). I made a rainbow chip cake at his family dinner the previous Sunday so I had to do something else I knew he'd love. And he did.

Cooper loves hanging out with his Dad

My cute boys ;)