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Mine is Funky Modern
Your modern and lively sense of style is perfect for today's easy living, and just about suits any budget. Chances are that some of your favourite things were picked up at a car boot sale, in a market while on holiday, or handed down through the family. At the same time, you might have saved (or be saving) for the perfect Eames chair or Mies sofa, a classic that never goes out of style and something you will take with you from one home to the next.


is there a man in there?

My friend Jewelz sent this to me and couldn't find the man, she thought it was a joke and asked if I could see the man.
› If you find him in less than 3 seconds your right brain is more developed than most people.
› If you find him between 3 seconds and a minute your brain is normal.
› If you find him between 1 minute and 3 minutes you need to eat more protein.
› And if it takes you longer than 3 minutes you need to do more games like these and exercise your brain!

Love it, my right brain is NORMAL, phew.


go world

I have to give a shout out for great Olympics in Beijing. We were watching them every night and loving it. I am still wondering how they put together that giant show for the opening/closing ceremonies. I don't think I have ever been as into the Olympics as I was this year. Go World!


miss kenedee is 2

Miss Kenedee is turning 2 today! She is pulling some serious faces these days. She is playing with her present from us (above) after we had a fabulous party last night at...CHUCK-E-CHEESE. And yes, she did love it. Thanks Barlows for the good times playing games with the little lady. I think Steve especially enjoyed himself, note the carousel - kenedee made him get on.

mr. clark's b-day

Our nephew Clark turned 4 on Wednesday and had a 'Mickah Mowse' birthday party with family and friends. AND he didn't even cry this year for the b-day song! It was all smiles while opening presents. . I think the kids loved all the prizes and favors.

guest for few days

So I saw this friendly spider crawling around my mirror last week and I didn't think anything of it. I came out to my car Sunday morning and saw this wonder. It was such a beautiful web! Apparently the spider had been hanging out behind my mirror living for days and decided to set up camp. Not for long though, I rid him of car loving dreams later that afternoon.


the reveal party

Steve's sister Kasey is pregnant with baby #3. She's had two boys in a row and so there was big excitement building for baby #3 to be a girl. They decided that they would bring a blue duck and a pink duck to their ultrasound appt today and have the nurse put whichever color duck in a box for the baby's gender in secret and they were going to open it tonight at a party with family and friends. We both wore pink!
Steve's mom made two cheesecakes, one with blue topping and one with pink and each guest was supposed to take the piece that they thought was the baby's gender.
Steve's mom Pip and Kasey
The final tally 15 girl votes and 6 boy votes.
After we ate they opened the box and found...THE PINK DUCK! The room cheered with excitement, Kasey started crying, the parental inlaws were getting misty, the babies were crying cause it was so loud - chaos I tell you. But I am so happy it was a girl and excited for the Kelley's to welcome Baby Tate in 4 months. YAH for GIRLS!

$5 will buy you...

A GALLON of BLUEBERRIES! Steve's Dad told me about this place you can go pick your own blueberries with bucket sizes at $2.50 and $5.00. I went for the $5 bucket, filled it to the top, and took home a giant bag of blueberries. It seemed like a ton so I went home and put it in my gallon pitcher and it overflowed with blueberries. You can't beat that blueberry deal anywhere! YUM-EEE