cathedral, jellykris, cliff

Our last day at Powell was full of fun. Cliff jumping was on the list, not one of my favorites. Being pregnant took me off the 'must do' list.
After the jump.
Kurt and Kate back for one more.
Cruising up Cathedral Canyon
Super tall cliffs.
Green and orange, a pretty good combo.
Gparents and babies
Lunch in the boat routine.
sSwimming up the end of the canyon.
Couldn't get much farther than this.
Coming back to the boat.
While we were gone my mom discovered these jellyfish looking things in the water. She was kind of scared to swim back to the boat.
She showed us where they were and Kate, Kandis and me camped out (for a few minutes) in order to spot them. We captured one in a plastic cup to check it out (image left below). It was about the size of a contact lens. We dubbed it 'the jellykris' after my mom. I googled freshwater jellyfish when we got home and found out they do exist called Craspedacusta sowerbyi. The image to the right is what I found on the web so I knew we had a match. How cool is that!!! An exciting find for the day, go mom!


face, arch, west

Hiking up Face Canyon, day four.
Some small slots.
The newlyweds.
sand curls aka chocolate curls
A new discovery we haven't seen before - Slit Rock.
Hiking up to Slit Rock
Kurt and Adam making the final trek (they had good shoes)
Hiking down, how cool does that look!
Neon moss nearby.
Next stop, West Canyon, a parental favorite.
Finding frogs, also an Olson favorite
Finally, the cool mossy slots.
Nature is pretty amazing.
You wish you were here too?
Le bebe loving Lake Powell from the womb.
Walking back, now this the good life.


beach, board, sun

Day Three was a beach day - all day. This is pretty much what I did all day, either on the beach or on the boat, no water activities for me, :(
Steve was first up wakeboarding
He kept to just jumping the wake instead of flips this year, phew.
Kenedee collected shells with Paige and Lincoln loved the sand.
Kate's turn wakeboarding.
Lunch under the canopy.
Hey mom!
Kenedee's first time kneeboarding (with her mom for safety). This was the coolest thing ever, you go little lady! And the good thing was she loved it, and they never fell.
She was one proud little girl.
Kandis & Kate doing their famous routine on the kneeboards.
Kurt and Miss Kenedee, don't you just love Powell.


rainbow, heat, hole

Day two we headed up to Rainbow Bridge, a classic, because Paige (our first timer) hadn't seen it yet, which is always the rule. This was Adam and Steve the whole ride.
At the docks ready to hike. (love my moms face)
There it is, the wonder that is Rainbow Bridge.
Love Kate's hair in this pic
the Clark familia
Everyone loves it, well almost.
Steve pondering the beauty, or something.
Me and my 31 week self.
The Olson Family photo opt. (one of many)
Kate is really having a good time. Can I get a ride too dad?
Walking back to the boat - this cute man.
The other stop, Hole in the Rock, a hike up the crevice where the pioneers brought wagons down. Can you imagine?
So it was these 5 and my dad that took the hike this year. I sat out being pregnant, bummer, and Kandis and Mom swam with the kids.
They made it to the top in all their glory! I think Steve is starting to like this hike too.
The hike registrar. Steve was here.
Back at the bottom of the canyon for a cool swim. Day 2, you were great.