My little homemade dragon, thanks Martha Stewart!

We spent our Halloween weekend at three places. First stop was Saturday afternoon at the Avenues for Trick or Treating. Cooper had no idea what was happening, he just liked looking at all these crazy kids dressed up.

Next stop was the Trunk-or-Treat in which we pulled out a full Medieval Trio. Yes, Steve wanted to dress up and did his costume himself.

Enjoying the view with dad while eating a sucker. He had three that day.

Our friends the Schlossers aka Barney, Betty, and Bam Bam. (We were glad other families got into the costumes as well)

Sunday night we had a family party and these are the cousins dressed up as Jessie, Woody, and Buzz.

And this is Cooper again, side view and frontal view. I had fun making his costume and it made it even better cause he was still scooting.


me and my owl

The 6th annual carve-off, and the entries are:
Owl - kellie

Cinderella's carriage - the kelley's

Swallowed Eyeball - Brian & Sara

Rasta Man - the Clark parentals

And the winner is...

Me & my Owl! Keeping the trophy in the fam for the third year in a row
(after Steve's double wins the past two years). Go us!


wings over atlanta

If the Blue Angels are coming, then so are we!

Only so many people could get on the base (which we didn't), so we hung out at the businesses across the street to watch the show, and they were some great seats

Why are jets so cool?

hiking some history

We trekked up Kennesaw Mountain, a civil war history site with my parents on a nice fall day.

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain took place June 27, 1864
Estimated casualties: 4,000 (Union: 3000, Confederates 1,000)

Cooper taking a break with Dad.

At the tip top overlooking downtown Atlanta skyline in the background.

Steve loves hiking ;)

Headed back down the double mountain

Coop sacked out for a snooze on the way down.

Later that night after an exciting sushi dinner with the parents, Grandma bought a motorcyle for Cooper and he thought it was the coolest thing. Sad for the short trip but we loved having you!


some favorite visitors

Coops Grandparents came to see us for a few days, YAH!

Cooper is becoming another Grandpa's boy like the rest of the grandsons.

Playing in the booth at lunch.

Feeding the geese at the Chattahoochee

The River Walk underneath the bridge, cool view.

Playing at the park - swings thumbs down, slide, climb, and handlebars thums up!

Have you guys tried this as an adult, it kills your hands but was awesome

Serious kisses for mom, whoa

I always love when they come to see us


apple treats pumpkin eats

Its our 6th annual trek to the Apple Festivals and Burts Farm in North Georgia. Today was going to be a great day.

We enjoyed yummy apple treats for lunch while we saw all sorts of apple things to buy.

Cousin Tate loved her apple snacks.

Out in the apple Orchards.

Playing on the tractors for pictures.

Now to Burts Farm.

Cooper thought the huge pumpkins were fun to play with.

He's a big kid now.

All the pumpkin varieties

La Familia

Cooper having a good day.


the day to me

On my actual birthday, we had a babysitter and went to an awesome japanese restaurant called TOMO for a 6-course dinner, definitely a splurge dinner but eating out at new restaurants is a favorite of mine so it made my day.

Another year older and what do I get? A homemade cheesecake made by my husband himself (but supervised by me) for the family dinner that upcoming Sunday.

I LOVE this cheesecake and was excited when Steve volunteered to make it.

Recipe found here (I add a simple graham crust and omit the brandy from the sauce ;)

Mmmmm, you've got to make this, seriously.

Cooper's first taste of cheesecake and he is a new fan.

Opening presents at the Clarks.