bubbles, seagulls, and high sixties

The real draw for me and Coops to join the bike week trip was for the beach. Although it wasn't as hot as I was hoping for, we still enjoyed a few hours of rays even if it was only high 60s.

After a few minutes of sandtoys Cooper was headed for the water.

We got to hang with cousin Benson and the Olsons. Benson was being buried while he also enjoyed eating handfuls of sand (unfortunately not caught on camera). Kurt was a brave soul and jumped fully into the ocean while also dragging Paige in halfway - crazy brother.

Paige and Benson enjoying some licorice.

Cooper liked chasing the seagulls until he noticed the bubbles in the ocean. The bubble fascination is alive and well in this boy.

He would run out with the waves and let them chase him back in. Classic childhood game, very fun to watch.

He didn't mind the temp and played around with the wet sand for a bit as well.

Licorice and the beach, good combo.

Steve met back up with us at the end of the day to see the fun he was missing at the beach. Cooper was his little sidekick right away.

Me holding the three boys, not a glamorous pic but I was holding Benson and Cooper wanted up too and the baby inside was already included in the deal so we snapped a photo.

The Olsons took off to Orlando and we hit up dinner on the river at Aunt Catfish's. Cooper loved the toys in the waiting area and pier before we were sat.

Yummy fish, hush puppies, and cinnamon rolls made it a great end to the day.


celeste said...

such a pretty beach!

fun photos.

and now i really want some licorice.


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Oh gosh I love the ocean! My little Luke loved bubbles too! He would notice them everywhere! He was obsessed with balls, so I suppose it had something to do with that! Cooper is a-dorable!

dallin+michelle said...

looks like you got yourself a water baby!! fun summer ahead!!!