yep, he's ours

We are loving having Cooper home now and getting adjusted to being parents - how weird is that to say! Mr. C is a good baby and we are loving him to pieces. Life is now even better.

Clark or Olson lips?
Coming home, mini Cooper
Hi Grandma!
Sleepy boy, looks a lot like Steve.
Flowers from the husband - hydrangeas, white roses, and purple calla lilies, yes he's good.


birth day

Cooper was born at 2:35pm after my water broke 14 hours earlier. He weighed 7lbs even and is 20 inches long. The birth was smooth and easy and he arrived one week early. We are so happy that he is finally here.
First pic with Dad!

I can't believe this new baby is ours!

Me and my little boy.

Sweet, sweet boy.

goodbye belly

At 12:30am my water is breaking. Looks like you are ready to come out little man. It's been nice knowing you inside my belly. We are ready to welcome you to the world.


10 Days and counting

Down to the end, we're ready for you mr. baby.