robin hood?

Tryouts for the Renaissance Festival? No, Steve's mom signed us all up for an Archery Lesson. Seriously.
As much as we joked about it beforehand, it ended up being SO FUN!
Steve taking a shot. Watch out Robin, you have a competitor
Kasey hit a bullseye right from the beginning, I think this may become her new hobbie, ha!
Shot on the left target
Everyone was pretty serious about their shooting. Precise skill and movement is the key.
Me getting my aim on.
Our lady coach, she was the best. (I think she's probably an annual Renaissance Festival attendee ;)


hanging with mom

This little bug is our favorite. He loves looking at cars, going shopping/being out and about, loves the color red, loves lights, and loves Dinosaur Train.


contact with the spoon

After a month of trying rice cereal every few days he FINALLY is eating it!!! Basically at his 5 month birthday he started actually eating it.
Can you tell he wants more?
Not the cleanest eater...
...but we love this messy boy


red velvet love

Since Vday was on Sunday I was feeling the love for the Primary kids and wanted to bring cupcakes (I am the Primary Secretary), so my kitchen was a bakery on Saturday before. I have been loving the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from Canvas Cafe here in Marietta and wanted to make a version of those. Here's how they turned out!
I used the red velvet cupcake recipe from the well known Magnolia Bakery in NYC found at epicurious.com and the cream cheese frosting from the also famous Sprinkles Cupcakes in LA found here.
I added clear sugar sprinkles to the top and used Wilton's Candy melts in red to create the hearts on top. I just piped the melted candy using a baggie onto wax paper.
And I must say these were delicous. I had one a day for a few days (had to keep a few for myself).
The ones I brought to primary I packaged up like this. I hope everyone enjoyed them as much as me.


be mine grandma

Dear grandma,
thanks for the $5 in my valentine card and the sweet shirt you gave me. The ladies really do love me ;)
Love, Cooper


10 times

This is just one of 10 snowstorms we've had this season in the south! I can't even believe it myself but you can see it is actually snowing. Too bad its only for one day.


weather delay

My mom sent this package on February 2nd, Express 2-day mail. She was so worried it had gotten lost and kept calling everyday asking if the mail had come yet, did I get my package? I kept having to tell her no. I wasn't too worried though, it was the week a bunch of storms were smothered over the U.S. and I figured it was held up. Well, a week late it showed up on my doorstep looking like this. It survived the roadtrip mom! Here are the pics I said I'd post.


thanks aunt kandis

This post is for aunt kandis who gave Cooper this polo at my baby shower last July. It was the first time he wore it and it might be my new favorite shirt on him.