bikes, bikes, and more bikes

Coops and I met up with the guys on bikes (Steve and his dad) for a manly-filled afternoon at the Daytona International Speedway. All the big bike vendors were there with their new lines. Love my free bandana from the t-shirt shop?

Seriously everywhere you looked there were bikes parked for miles, all these people here to check out the latest and greatest.

This little boy was in motorcycle heaven. He liked looking at the bikes more than sitting on them (phew for now ;) The bikes came in all colors and sizes.

An F-650 truck? whoa, who would drive this thing?

Cooper feeling pretty awesome hanging with his pal grandpa.

Pitstop for lunch and Steve could not pass up the turkey leg.

I mean, are we starting something at too young of an age here? I guess I can put the blame on my mom who bought him his first toy motorcycle when he was about 13 mo. He really liked checking out the parts of the bikes.

I had to hop on one for the photo-op, totally me right? The Honda tents were deluxe.

And my favorite snaps of the day, these two playing on the grass together. Cooper was all about the guys this weekend and wanted to be everywhere they were.

Cooper thought this was one great vacae hanging out with his dad.


celeste said...

you are one hawt pregnant biker chick!

dallin+michelle said...

lovin' the prego biker chic! and cooper's mini bike pic... like father like son :)