my favorite pumpkin

I love to make these cookies just like my mom did growing up and now I have a helper


the carve-off begins

The carve off commenced at the Kelley's on Sunday to battle it out for 1st prize. Brian's girlfriend Sara made these shirts for all the kids.

The little ones stayed busy making candy necklaces and eating the best ever pumpkin chocolate cake my sister started as a tradition probably 5 years ago. yum.

Cooper being curious

And loving the flashlight

The final contenders - Clark parents, Kelley's, Us (Clarks), Brian & Sara

And the winners this year - Brian & Sara


fall festival fun

I think this was our 7th annual trip up to the mountains and Ellijay. We always make a pitstop for apple treats and boiled peanuts. mmmm

The babies first trip here

Cooper at Burts Farm pumpkin patch, he LOVED running the aisles.

Ryder-boy and Steve looking festive

Cooper's pumpkin pick, onto carving tomorrow



spooky wear from Grandma Kris, we love that she loves the holidays as much as us


me and littles 2

Just had to take a moment for a few new snaps with my 4month old.


another year down

Another year in my thirties? WHAT? Yeah it felt kind of weird turning another year older but the birthdays are always great.

I requested another White Chocolate Cheesecake from the husband (like last year). Soooo good.

I had a birthday dinner and dessert at the in-laws but we had also previously had a much needed date night for sushi.

My little love loving the party.

And the snooze-man, just how Grandma Pip likes to hold them, asleep ;)

And Steve busted out some sweet decor skills on my big day as well. Birthdays will never get old.


north georgia state fair

The highlight of our fair experience this year was the bmx stunt show. Cooper thought it was the coolest thing ever!

He watched and cheered with the crowd as they did their stunts, there were some pretty sick tricks.

Oh man, do we have a bmx-er on our hands here soon?

And the other love of the afternoon - SKEE ball!


the big three

The little one at three months now. And he is one big boy already.


mine, I mean his car collection

Cooper has a serious thing for cars and motorcycles and I love to pull them all out once in awhile and arrange them by color. We counted up the stats for Hot Wheels - 69, Cars movie cars - 16, diecast cars - 7, and motorcycles - 14. I loved how they looked all lined up so I snapped a few pics. I don't think this will ever get old.