what the PHO?

We found it! After eating delicious Pho Beef in Kansas city with Kristopher and Celeste in May we went to our favorite Vietnamese place here and they didn't have "PHO" on the menu. :( So we've been on the search for it and we went to Pho 96 last night and it was excellent. I would recommend to all you Pho lovers. We are going to try Pho 79 next...

what did you do over the summer


WhiteWater = Thumbs down

So we went to Six Flags WhiteWater this past Saturday and we were all superexcited to go but what we found were long lines and an understaffed park. Since it was nearing the end of summer they didn't have a full crew so they didn't open all rides and lines were over an hour long. Seriously - you shouldn't have to wait that long at a waterpark. We had fun in the lazy river and the tube slides but overall we voted this place thumbs down. Next!


Behold....what is Cafe Rio

For those of you who live further than driving distance to the nearest Cafe Rio, All is not lost. We had the Kelley's, Barlows, and Brian Clark over for Sunday dinner and WE MADE CAFE RIO - I downloaded a bunch of recipes online and tried out the Dressing which was perfection, rice, beans, chicken, pork, corn chips, made my own guac, pico, and enchilada sauce. If you want the recipes just email me (the pork needs some work still but the rest were on point). All I have to say is it was a dream come true. the end.

Miss Kenedee's B-day

is she not the cutest girl? Kenedee turned 1 on August 15th but finally had her party on August 20th (due to the Roseola virus/rash thing.) She loved watching all the kids play but mostly loved her balloon from Bonnie.


Have you been to Heaven on Earth?

Lake Powell is the best vacation ever!!!!! We took the annual trip with my family and our cousins and our 91-year-old grandpa the last week of July. The only bad thing was the flu bug working it's way through almost everyone throughout the week. We saw and did some great things though - take a look!

i <3 idaho falls

It was great spending 2 1/2 weeks in idaho falls, being able to see friends and family. It was nice to have the family altogether too. I am headed to slc for work for a few days and then lake powell.... later dudes

just like yellowstone but closer

the one and only YELLOWSTONE BEAR WORLD - view pics. All the Olsons drove 15 minutes from Idaho Falls on July 16 to go and see the bears and it was pretty sweet. They walk all alongside your car and just chill out with only an electric wire between you and danger. lol. this bear wanted to go home with the truck behind us....

the hurt has returned

Finally, Kurt finished his two-year mission to Dallas-Fort Worth Spanish Speaking. We were all so excited for him to get him. We missed you Kurt! It was a great weekend with family in town.
You can view all the pictures here: RETURN OF THE HURT

this is what you call a parade!

We were able to hang out in Idaho Falls this year for the 4th of July and there were some real winner entries, particularly the one below:

and of course there were the cheerleadeaers. GO KATE!

And I saw one of my best friends from high school Jamie Staggie-Snider and we had so much fun catching up. Her boy Anderson was the cutest!
And of course my best friend Tangi was there too, good times.


high school reunions rule

All you reunion haters out there - EAT IT! I went to my 10-year and it was great. Unlike a lot of other high schools, everyone at my school were friends so we were all excited to catch up and meet up. There was a picnic in the afternoon at Freeman Park and then a dinner that night at the Westbank. Good times were had by all.