kelly cutrone? here?

If any of you have watched The Hills or The City before you may have heard of the no-nonsense Kelly Cutrone from People's Revolution. Would you want to work for her? I know, that was kind of me too. But I heard she was going to be doing a book signing at our Borders and thought she may be pretty interesting to hear speak. So Coop's and me took off to Buckhead for a full house of twenty-somethings to fifty-somethings. It was a fun few hours and after the event I picked up her book, sold.


earth love

Back in Atlanta now, our Botanical Gardens were BOGO admission on Earth Day so we met up with Marissa and McKenzie for some earth celebration.
Cooper thought this was a real treat ;) two gardens in one week!

I have a picture sitting by this guy from 8 years ago.
Cooper and Kenz
lovely botans
My friend from a few years back.
Cooper said he loves the earth, me too.
Our cityscape in the background


love me some botanicals

Always one of my favorite things, we made a visit to the Desert Botanical Gardens which included some sweet sculptures by Dale Chihuly.
A Desert Oasis Steve says ;) yeah right
My favorites - Agave plants
Inside the Butterfly Atrium, this was soooo cool.
Butterflies were just flying everywhere and there were about 15 species.
They even would land on you (that's Adam)
On the Indian survival trail
Even the desert comes in many colors
Saguaro Cactuses
Our little posse


animals in cages

We've had a great week hanging out with Kandis and the kids. She kept us busy with fun things to do all day. The weekend excitement continued with a trip to the Phoenix Zoo.
We couldn't quite tell if Cooper was noticing the animals or not but he seemed to have a good time.
Aww yeah animals in cages.
Cooper was mostly excited to be hanging out with his dad who finally came on the tail-end of the trip to finish the visit for the weekend.
the zoo never fails to entertain
on Safari
Lincoln really started taking a liking towards Cooper near the end of the trip and gave him multiple kisses on BOTH cheeks daily.
Our little family.
For dinner we met up with my old college friend Justin who I haven't seen in 7 years! It was fun eating pizooki's at Oreganos and sharing some good laughs. Thanks for the date you guys!


simple love

I love these few pics I caught after naps Thursday while hanging in AZ. This is what love is pure, simple, and kind. It's written all over their faces.


candy, conference, and cuddles

Easter Bags from the Easter Bunny (grandma) made for a sweet start to the day ;)
And a little Easter Egg hunt.
Then we were able to spend a few hours with this little man while watching conference.
This is Benson, my newest neph.
Cooper and Benson, 6 months apart.
Since we were altogether we had Benson's baby blessing at the Barlows. I still can't believe Kurt is a DAd!
Our family
Later that evening we got into a little egg dyeing, a typical favorite for Easter.
Happy easter everyone.


pageants? yes, pageants

My parents stayed and hung out a few days in AZ with us for some special events but mostly to hang out with Cooper (j/k)
We went to the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple grounds. We had a bit of time to wait and hang out.
Grams and the kids
Beautiful Kate
Gramps put Cooper to sleep for the show.
Kate and me with one of the actors. Kate wanted to buy all his jewelry from him lol.
The pageant
And the highlight of the day, meeting Mr. Benson Olson, Kurt's new boy. They came down for the fun as well.