boss is sick

Complements of Steve. His first ever request for a post....


easter escape

We were still on vacae for Easter but we did dye easter eggs in the hotel room with the marbelizing kit Kandis brought. There was a mini fridge in the room so we kept our eggs cool overnight and brought them down to breakfast the next morning.

EASTER FOR TWO YEAR OLDS: candy with a chocolate mustache = best day ever

Steve couldn't believe the Easter bunny found him in Destin.

What is it with guys thinking they are so funny? (our easter eggs, with the coveted Mrs. Cavanaughs Mindy Mint Egg)

detour to destin

We decided to roll south for a quick weekend trip to help Adam celebrate his 30th at the golf course. Adam and Steve golfed Saturday while Kandis and me hit up the beach with Kenedee - works out quite well with both parties love their day. Adam was excited for the road trip because he printed out "funtivities" for the car ride down which consisted of a maze, word search, and number matching (for us passengers to play for prizes). We each won a game and I scored a soda, Steve got chips, and Kandis got candy.


do you fondue?

Dinner Divas for March was FONDUE and it turned out awesome.

MEAT: I brought sirloin beef and chicken with 4 dipping sauces - CHIPOTLE MAYO, HORSERADISH CREAM SAUCE, HONEY MUSTARD, AND HOISIN SAUCE - all found here
CHEESE: Marissa brought the cheese fondue with bread, veggies, and apples to dip in it.
CHOCOLATE: And Kandis brought the Chocolate Caramel fondue (will post link soon) with Kendall supplying all the dippers - strawberries, bananas, graham crackers, marshmellows, brownies, pound cake, cream puffs, and cheesecake. It was a great dinner with great new fondue recipes.


a green surprise

Kandis managed to throw Adam a surprise party for his birthday with good friends at Pappasitto's Monday night. Adam was feeling a little under the weather but was a good sport. We enjoyed fab-o mexican and a delicious green confetti cake (adams' fave). Everyone was told to bring 30 of something (clever and fun) and he made away with some sweet loot - yard stick cut to 30 inches, 30 green skittles, 30 m&m's, 30 tee's for golf, 30 golf balls, etc. Happy 30th A!

a cole-licious night

Our nephew Mr. Cole had his 2nd birthday party Saturday night with the love of all things "CARS"(his birthday is actually today, St. Patrick's Day - the same as Adam's). He couldn't have been more excited for the fun. Cookies, cake, ice cream, IBC Root Beer, presents and the funnest part of the night was 5 of us in a giant outdoor toy box.

indian feast

Friday Night Date Night was Indian Food @ Swapna! I hadn't had Indian since back in Provo with my graphic design class and Steve had never had it. We were given a great recommendation from Steve's friend at work and this place was TASTE-EEE. Not sure if the Barlows will be back but we will!

This is what we were doing while the tornado was hitting - watching Dan in Real Life. Good Flick I might add.


can you believe... a tornado?

Apparently while we were comfortably watching "Dan in Real Life" at the Barlows there was a tornado ripping through downtown.

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- A tornado swept through downtown Atlanta Friday night around 9:45pm, slamming trees into cars and homes, disrupting a college basketball game and damaging the building that houses CNN. Virtually all of the windows facing Centennial Olympic Park and the Omni Hotel, which is attached to CNN Center, were shattered. Next door at the Georgia Dome, the SEC conference basketball game between Alabama and Mississippi State was halted.

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I <3 disney

( Steve's request: get a picture with Goofy)

The other two days we were in California we hit up Disneyland, California Adventure, and Knott's. We cruised around with the Garner's and our family and my dad was a machine running around getting Fast Passes. We only had to wait in the regular line for 1 ride!


go skyline!

After the crazy year their team has had they pulled through with a great routine at nationals. They had a few bobbles but placed 6th. It was so fun being there and remembering the first time we started going in March 1996 when I was a junior. Yes, I am old now. It was fun supporting Kate and seeing how far the squad has come in 12 years.

the pirate mis-adventure

We cruised around with the group that evening and everyone was going to the Pirate adventure (show and dinner) - kind of like Medieval Times. Dinner was thumbs down, show was good, cost overpriced. We had fun hanging out together though.

venice beach

We made it to the West Coast Friday afternoon and stopped by Venice Beach on the way to the hotel. It was crazy being on both coasts within two weeks of each other. My parents said they left 8° weather in Idaho Falls that morning.


the other side of the country

I'm headed to LA for a few days to meet up with my Mom, Dad, and Kandis for Katelyn's cheer competition. There were some killer prices on flights so my Dad talked Kandis and me into coming out. I am excited to see Kate cheer since I haven't seen her perform much (living out east). It will be fun to have all us girls and my Dad hanging out together for a few days.


outkast at the airport

I had to run Kandis to the airport this morning to catch a flight to LA. I was hanging out with Kenedee and the bags close to the Business class line while Kandis was at the kiosk. This guy right next to us (in the business class line) waves and says hi to Kenedee and I looked up and smiled, looking at him thinking 'that's Andre 3000'. I thought about asking if it was him but I felt like a dork so I didn't. I was second guessing myself too because he just had regular black luggage and was traveling solo. I ended up asking the lady at the counter and she confirmed...it was him.


bike week 2008

Man Heaven - a plethora of motorcycles everywhere...Steve and his Dad were in love in Daytona this past weekend seeing all the amazing bikes. Steve found his love in a BMW sport bike. They were able to test drive a bunch of bikes (BMWs, Harley's, Spider), take luxury drives along the beach coastline, eat manly food like steaks, drive the main street drag, hang with fellow bikers, and just simply feel cool.

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The beach ride

Daytona International Speedway; Main Street; bikes everywhere instead of cars; the wall of death - they ride sideways in a big tube.

Steve and his bad self.

His favorite Harley; The Spider; Cool bike; angels sound 'ahhhhhhh' THE BEAMER BIKE = love

Riding the Spider - 2 wheels in front, one in back; 2 cool bikes; last one is a bike with a V8 car engine.

They couldn't stop talking about the trip after they got home last night. I am glad they returned home safe but it was even better seeing their faces and the fun male-bonding trip they had.

off to daytona

Packed up and ready for an 8 hour drive - sore butts anyone? They left Thursday at 36° and returned Sunday at 71° - much better.

How sexy is Steve's bike? I snapped a few glamour shots before they took off. That's Deluxe!