dancing fiend

We have a dance man on our hands. We hit up the Ultimate PlayDate at East Cobb Park to enjoy some summer music..

As soon as this boy hears music he is bouncing. Jay Memory puts on these weekly acoustic concerts and Cooper was teh first on the stage, almost his own personal serenade.

He palled around with a new friend Hannah who played catch and danced with him.

Could you think of anything funner? ha


quiet moments

I love watching Cooper play with his cars. He is very observant and watches them carefully wherever he pushes them. He often will play by Ryder even though he is sleeping. I love what I see with these two each day. I captured a few sweet moments one morning.


epic failure

We have been super excited for CARS 2 to come out all month and planned the time to go the first Saturday it was out. Steve and me may have been the most excited. Cooper loves the first CARS movie and so we played it up and got popcorn and candy and were all set for a sweet show. Needless to say our excitement ended about 5 minutes into the movie. Cooper was not impressed and was ready to go play. Steve and I took turns for about the next hour letting Cooper run in the hallways and playing with his toy cars until we finally just bounced. bummer, won't be trying this again for another year with this kid.

Personal Review of what we did see of the movie: THUMBS DOWN. (a) Didn't like all the guns and violence and motive to kill the cars and (b) didn't like how they chose Mater to be an undercover spy because he came across as 'stupid'. We will continue to watch CARS 1 because of the better messaging of the movie.


zoo are we

We took my parents on their first Atlanta zoo visit before they headed home the following day.

Giraffes might possibly be one of my favorites.

New capture of this gorg bird.

The boys rollin in the double.

Cooper loved hanging with Grandpa most of the time.

This cute lady liked the pandas.

Another great time at the zoo.


R love

a glimpse of just how sweet this boy is

One of my favorites

love you sweet boy


blessed boy

Since my parents were out for the visit we took the opportunity to give Ryder a baby blessing at home with him being just one week old. Steve's family all joined us and Steve gave Ryder a great blessing.

Sweet boy, this is his demeanor almost all the time.

This boy is so popular, everyone jumped in for pics again. It was a great evening to celebrate the birth of this new love.


for the fathers

This may look like an impromptu cheer for Father's Day but it was just a cool kid playing with balloons after church...on Father's Day ;)

Happy Father's Day to my husband who has been a great father to our little Cooper, who's his #1 sidekick right now. Cooper thinks the world of his Dad.

And almost immediately clothes were off and they were out in the sandbox, Grandpa didn't even have time to change yet.

Lucky me I had my own father here for Father's Day too, a real treat. We made a nice dinner and did gifts and spent a great Sunday together, love you dad.

And of course everyone had to get pics with the two little boys that run this house now.


perfect entertainment

My parents came to visit just in time to entertain Cooper while we adjusted to having another plus one. And Cooper sure had fun, especially with his new CARS tent!

We made daily ventures to go eat out, starting the first day they got here 3 days after Ryder was born.

It was almost a daily activity to play in the sand with Grandpa.

Grandma loved being able to sit outside too.

We got this motorcycle for a hospital present for Cooper which immediately was way cooler than the baby brother.

Fun times watching CARs movie sharing 'his' chair with grandpa.

Silly grandma hiding in boxes and scaring Cooper.

A quick hour at the pool was all Cooper could handle that week.

And of course "chase" at the tennis courts topped off all the activities. Thanks for playing Grandma and Grandpa!


hey guys, it's me...ryder

This is pretty much me all day. Sleeping, eating, sleeping, looking around, and sleeping.


Getting in one last snooze at the hospital.

Just waiting on the pediatrician to come and check us out so we can leave!

Ready to cruise home.

Hanging out back at home, Cooper was excited to have us back.

Me and three boys, kinda crazy ;)

I pulled out the bassinet for Ryder to sleep in and Cooper thought it was a great new toy to try out. He found out he was a little small for it.