same age?

No, but just about the same size. Ryder's cousin Pip was born just over 2 months before him and he is catching up to her fast.


pillow head

another creative sleep


foot and socc

A great summer Sunday evening at the park started with a football and soccer ball and this kid sure had fun.

He was learning how to kick and took to it quite fast.

"No pictures Mom, I'm napping"

This kid did not stop running all night, he turns into a sweat machine with the humidity here. A quick water break and back for more kicking, nice legs Steve.

Cooper loves him some days outside


you may know him as...

the Biebs, just hanging at Perimeter Mall


22 and 1

my 22monthold and my 1monthold

this was my first attempt at capturing some pics of the two together and Cooper didn't quite get the 'holding him upright' thing hence Ryder falling to the side. Cooper apparently didn't think it was a big deal.

Some other faves below

napster boy

this kid ends up in some funny arrangements when he sleeps and this has been one of my favorites and I quickly snapped some pics to remember. Napping while hugging all his animals, that is love.


mcmillan afternoon

Our friends the McMillans from Ohio came to see us for the afternoon and Cooper loved hanging with Payton. He thinks he can hang with the big boys.

Sharing fruit snacks, what is it with those things, they love them!

Me and my boys later

my good sleeper


who doesn't love the golf store

Steve thought Ryder needed his first golf initiation at the PGA store at 3 weeks old, but we all had a good times.

Cooper love the putting green

And of course who doesn't love golf carts


parades, bbq, and rain

What's the fourth of July without a parade?

We watched the Marietta Parade at the square and sweated through some serious heat.

A few breaks in the shade kept things a little cool.

Snack of choice today, snow cones!

A little water splashing never hurts either. We headed for some bbq at Dave Poe's after that with some glorious AC.

Sad to say our fireworks were rained out. I was bummed because I thought Cooper would really dig them. Instead we watched the NYC Macy's firework show on NBC which made up for it.

Image via idiart images


three two

An ice cream bombe was requested for this year's birthday 'cake'

My Steve turned 32 with me not too far behind him in a couple months.

We celebrated with a date night at Outback and to see Transformers 3 while the Cooper played at the grandparents. We had a family Sunday dinner at the Clarks to finish celebrating the birthday weekend.

Happy Days Mr Steve.