my three boys

These guys were all hanging out throwing a ball one evening and I had to snap a few pics of my partially clothed clan.


evening in acworth

For a nice late summer evening we drove to lake acworth to throw rocks and walk around and even stopped for a family pic. Simple outings like these are my fave.


flying solo

It was sad to see our trip out west end but we had to get back to regular life again. I dreaded the initial flight out but since that went smoothly I was relaxed for our flight home, just me and the kids. And just like before they slept half the time and were nice and quiet the rest. I guess we'll do this again sometime ;)



We spent Saturday at the lake and Cooper loved it just like the year before, although it took a little warming up.

He thought the tube was pretty cool and started screaming with Kenedee during the ride.

Awake and asleep.

Flagboy and Surfgirl

Love my dad's face in this.

That evening we had some fun on the tramp and this kid loves to jump. He thought it was even funnier when I did goofy jumps.

Then I had to pull out a back flip, just to make sure I could still do it ;)

And all the sisters got into the fun and we all took pics of our toe-touches. The days of cheer will live on!



A family friend got married while we were in town and this was us at the morning brunch.

These amazing paper flowers were on every table, loved the oversized look.

The babes on the floor.

That afternoon the kids ran around in the backyard and had a quick ride on grandpa's motorcycle - whoa.

Later at the garden reception, Cooper was trying out the cotton candy via Kate.

We enjoyed the goodies and hanging out.


welcome barlows

To finish off our stay in the falls, my sister Kandis came to visit for the last weekend and we sure had fun hanging out...and so did the kids.

Leftover SnapPops were giggles of fun.

Cute Lou

the Four girls



And our little twinsie cousins, Pierce and Ryder wearing the same outfit (two months apart in age though ;)

Grandpa and Grandma with their grandbabies

We headed to dinner and we packed ourselves in the Denali - Kate and me in the front, Pierce Ryder and Cooper in the middle and Kenedee Kandis and Lincoln in the back. Good times

Then we went to feed the ducks at the river.

Cooper liked eating the bread as well as throwing it.

The babies chillin out in the stroller.

Grandpa and the two new boys.

We had a smores party that night and Cooper loved the fire.

And I loved the smores!


the lake that was rig-bee

Now this is a day at the beach in Idaho....Rigby Lake.

Cooper LOVED throwing rocks into the water.

Ryder enjoyed a seaside nap under the umbrella.

And we all floated around in the cold water with Cooper and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Rigby Lake never gets old, right ladies?

That evening Cooper went cruisin for a ride in his car, man summers here are the best.

Coops with Grandma and Grandpa

Hanging out on the porch, love it