the beach is on

We made our annual trek to the beach the end of May. Destination: Hilton Head. We started off the morning with bike rides to the lighthouse. We all voted this was the best time ever.

Everyone enjoying their ride

Our Posse.
Relaxing morning
Ice cream at 10:30am? Heck yes. We both chose Cotton Candy.
The boat docks.
The one picture from the golf excursion (from Steve & Adam) picture of a gator off the bank. They golfed 27 holes.
The girls and kids at the beach and pool - ALL DAY.
Fun at the beach with my sis.


day 5 / Metropolitan, Queens - 6 miles

Well we had a half day on our last day and spent it getting some delish chinese and browsing the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Steve loved the Medieval Area with armor and guns. We quickly browsed the Fine Art and Modern Art before we had to leave.

Thanks NYC, we had a lovely time! Walking total for the trip - 43 miles.


day 4 / Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge - 11 miles

Monday we headed south again to cruise around Wall Street and the World Trade Center site. The architecture again was very cool and just as different from other parts of the city. Below is the original capitol building where George Washington was sworn in. On the right, the New York Stock Exchange.
BMW on Wall Street? YES!
Awesomely big door
The famous Charging Bull on Wall Street. Steve had to get the money shot.
World Trade Center construction, also the paraphenalia in the church across the street from it.

A visit to Erin's pad. Nice lobby right?
The commons living room area, how cool is this? Can we move in?
Subway across the East River to the Brooklyn Bridge.
Grimaldi's Pizza for lunch under the Brooklyn Bridge, worth the hour wait? Heck yes!
Now for the 3/4 mile walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, great views of the city.

The piers by Hudson River on the West side, a nice sunset and off to see the new Terminator.


day 3 / central park, 5th Ave. - 8 miles

Sunday was a chill day as we headed uptown to hang out. We made a pit-stop at Grand Central Station just to see how cool it was.

A little further up on Fifth was St. Patrick's Cathedral, the nation's largest Catholic Church.

On our way towards Central Park going up Fifth.
The Apple Store
The NBA Store
FAO Schwartz
The Plaza just in front of Central Park.
How classic is this view
Hot spots in Central Park.
We <3 you New York City.


day 2 / lower manhattan - 10 miles

First thing Saturday we headed to Clinton Street Bakery for their famous blueberry pancakes with maple butter syrup. I love me a good breakfast and this was awesome.
Next stop Canal Street to pick up a Faulex and Tag watche for Steve and I scored a lovely LV purse and Prada bag. Steve loved finding the ultimate knockoff, this made his trip.
Just a few blocks away was Soho with all the boutique urban shopping. We had a good time cruising the streets here. I even found this killer deli that I had been to 7 years ago, it was still there with their prosciutto, arugala, and fresh mozz sandwiches.
Great architecture on all the streets. We could probably live here ;)
We then headed to the southern tip of the island to ride the Staten Island Ferry... for FREE. This gave us the best views of the Statue and the skyline of Lower Manhattan
Onboard the boat.
Steve can't help but buy popcorn when he smells it.
The ultimate photo from our trip. This photo costed us $5 to snap and it was worth it.
A walk through Battery Park took us into the late afternoon.
The navy and army memorials there.
We headed back up to Midtown to meet our friends Erin and Corey for the evening for some delicious Greek cart food for dinner. We ran into Dylan's Candy Bar after and found some delicious treats. Chocolate covered gummy bears anyone?
We invited ourselves along to Serendipity 3 for some famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.
This was definitely worth the visit for the $9 dessert. I didn't think it would be as good as the hype but it was. Delicious.
Back to sleep, Happy Memorial Day weekend.