do we look like fans?

We ended the summer with a baseball game at Turner Field.

Mickey was even at the game.

Cooper was cheering for the home team.

Intently watching with Dad (or wait, is that the cotton candy guy)

A great afternoon of baseball and thousands of fans.

We all supported in our Braves gear.

The real highlight, a blue sucker for a treat.

Braves fans indeed.

And they pulled out a win.

Thanks for the game Dad!


for the love of jumping

On our last night in the Falls, Cooper played on the tramp for quite a while. It was the best toy at Grandma's.

He can get some serious air.

And he had an audience the whole time.

Round and round he went.

Life's little pleasures of fun.

YAH Cooper!

scooting makes for great jumping

Some of you may know we have a scooter in our house (not a crawler, just like his cousin Olivia).

Did you know scooting also makes for great jumping?


walk with the ducks

Fridays at home in the summer consist of walking the river, breakfast at Smitty's, then spending the afternoon at the lake. And that's just what we did.

Cooper thought the ducks were somewhat cool.

A new tree stump bench overlooking the river.

Some kneeboarding...

some driving

...and some tubing


zoo's who

The IF Zoo is where it's at (if you didn't know).

This was the perfect sized zoo and only a few bucks to get in. They charge you $20 for the ATL Zoo to not see all the animals because they are all indoors from the summer heat. Thumbs down. But this zoo was great, Cooper thought the monkeys were pretty amazing.

I have a small wing span apparently.

Love this.

Watching the animals, excitement ensues.

Drinking from the lion's mouth, awesome.

Coops loved the goats, the penguins, and the birds.

Fun shots in the play area.

These might have been my favorite this trip. The pelicans were huge!

Related? Possibly.

A snake souvie from Grandma, hours of fun.


first steps

Cooper took his first multiple steps at grandma's.


rigby lake lives on

No beaches in Idaho so we head to the lake for our fun-in-the-sun. But this places is man-made. I haven't been here in at least 10 years, and it's even cooler now.

Grandma always knows how to make this boy smile - a sucker.

Cooper played around while we worked on our tans.

Coops and the ladies.

Dinner that evening with grandpa, outside of course.

Cooper loves his grandparents.

My mom caught these faces while Cooper was playing around that evening. All of them were on purpose. He is a man of many expressions already.

We met up with the Valentine girls again for lunch at the Red Rob. Kelsey and Cooper had a little date together.

Why are balloons so much fun.


homemade vs dairy

They are equal I say. Cooper and I stayed back in the Falls for a week to hang with the parents a bit longer while dad went back to work. We started the week off on a perfect summer evening with a classic Olson treat of homemade rasberry ice cream. We played on the grass while it froze. Cooper didn't like the grass.

But he loved the ice cream. Cooper never passes up ice cream.

Kate was hooking him up. mmmm.

A constant favorite at grandma's, the tramp.

The Valentines joined us and it was fun playing with baby Kelsie.

The next night for FHE we ventured to the next stop on the list, Reeds Dairy.

MMM, ice cream has to be one of my favorite treats.

And Cooper sampling everyone's flavors.

And we were lucky enough to enjoy a nice sunset with the silhouette of the cows ;)

They had a small petting area and Cooper loved the goats.