this man is 30

Well today is my brother's birthday which is definately worthy of a post and give a shout out but I really thought it was beneficial to include this awesome pic his wife sent over of the cool man she married. This guy never stops imagining, constructing, and creating. He has built some cool things in his day but this...now this is sweet. Cool Dad letting his cool son in on the fun of mowing the lawn. HAPPY 30th KRISTOPHER!


lunch date with my sister

I took Kenedee to visit mom on Tuesday for lunch and Kenedee was sure loving the baby. She paid a bit more attention to him than the night before. She is one cute little lady.
My new crush - Lincoln
Little man peeking
Kenedee and me came back home to clean the house for mom and lincoln's arrival home on Wednesday. She was a good Swiffer.

mr. lincoln

My newest nephew Lincoln Adam Barlow - 6lbs 8 oz born April 14
New baby brother
Upgraded Barlow family
After hesitation, Steve decides to hold baby lincoln

playing mom

I was the lucky winner of playing mom for a few days because........Lincoln decided to make an appearance into the world on Monday April 14, two weeks early. How cute is this little girl though. She became my best friend for a few days.

a renaissance affair

So I used to think this was only in Georgia but apparently all you other states join in on this weird/crazy fun as well. We hit up the Renaissance Festival Saturday with the Barlows and the Howells. After looking at these pics I'm sure all of you will be googling a Renaissance Festival in your area. Yeah you're jealous, I know, I mean what could be better than giant turkey legs, pet geese, sword juggling, tight rope walking and a mingling of elves, goths, pirates, gypsies, acrobats, and wenches among the crowd.


better than christmas

As some of you may know Steve will be graduating in a couple of weeks here with his PharmD and MBA and so to celebrate the occasion Steve's present is a new set of irons. He apparently has been dreaming of this moment for a few years he says (the new irons, specifically). They had to be ordered in from the PGA store because Steve wanted 4 through Pitching Wedge instead of 3 through Sand Wedge. For the past week every day Steve has been asking if the UPS man has come yet. The day finally arrived though and the beauty of the Callaway box arrived on our doorstep.

This is a quote from Steve from our text conversation (while he was at work) informing him that they had in fact...arrived.

ME: Today might be the best day ever.
STEVE: What do you mean?
ME: I think you know what I mean.
STEVE: Did my dream clubs get here ?!!!!!
ME: I have a Callaway box right here, I thought you'd be excited.
STEVE: That just made my day. I was so tired and just blah today, but now this, this is something great!

Taking them immediately to the driving range to try them out.


How would you like to be waking up to a nice layer of neon green dust every morning? I have never seen such a thing as springtime in the south but the flowers and buds are sure pretty. Notice the nice layer on the car top below. YAH for Spring!

extended family home evening

We had a grill out with Steve's moms' whole side of the family Sunday night. Then everyone came with FHE assignments, Grandpa Newton on the guitar, Grandma doing the hula, and homemade instruments - what could be a better time than that.


cupcake pops

If you missed Martha today I suggest you check out Bakerella
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And these looked delicious too!
Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow

This delicious recipe is courtesy of Jennifer Shea, owner of Trophy Cupcakes.

commercial beauty

compliments of pica+pixel Quote "It is rare to call a television commercial elegant, beautiful and inspiring, but this Schweppes commercial happens to be all three at once."