Dad had the great idea of going to the zoo AND getting an annual pass. Somebody loves his boy.

Checking out the elephants, definitely a favorite.

Lion friends

He gave the giraffe a kiss after this pic.

Popcorn snack break

Steve's favorite - naked mole rats - weird eh?

Coopers favorite, running around the 'mole rat' playset

Watching the Panda eat lunch, how sweet is this. I think it's my favorite thing at the zoo right now.


Katelyn said...

i cannot get enough of this kid!! love these pictures! especially the one with his head in the lion picture hahah and that he gave the giraffe a kiss! he is the best!

Dana said...

We have STILL not seen the naked mole rats! Next time we go together you have to show me where they are. I wonder what Hads will think of them. Those things are freaky.