THE hidden canyon

Another afternoon hike with my dad, YES!!!
This hidden business was serious.
We hiked up to this arch (could have gone farther but mom had us on the clock ;)
Totally blend in right?
Kandis had a hard time getting on the log (probably cause of her knees)
Back down, this was a cool hike.
Why don't we come here more often! I mean seriously.
Careful Kandis, hold onto the chains.
Would you be scared?
Sittin the ledge.

tattoos and a cute boy

Yes, fruit rollup tattoos for lunch.
And one cute boy about to go down for a nap.

is it a boy rock or a girl rock?

As the day grew colder we made a quick hike up to Weeping Rock. We told Kenedee that the rock was crying and she wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl rock. Awesome.
The view looking outward and underneath.
Let's go eat lunch!

chilly rivers

The next morning was the River Walk. The kids took a lovely stroll in the stroller, all taking turns.
Kenedee admiring the waterfall
Family pho-to
Moms and me
What a lovely 'chilly' morning for a walk
The boys checking out the river
Huge, I mean HUGE rocks
Twins (some people say)

The endpoint of the walk. This is the beginning of the Narrows hike that is 15 miles in the riverbed (which I did about 8 years ago with friends) but today we stopped here.
Love this.
Another HUGE rock.
Hi cute girl!
Coops and Gramps
He thinks he's pretty grownup already.


hot tubbins'

There's nothing like a good hot tub on vacation, says my Steve. We took an evening swim after hiking all day and it was deluxe. It wasn't THAT hot which is why Cooper is swimming in it.
Matching suits for the boys.
Cooper is going to love swimming this summer.
Grandparents and grandkids, my mom's favorite.

we sat with the angels

Later that afternoon while my mom watched the napping kids my dad took us girls on Angel's Landing, a trail cut into solid rock in 1926 with a 1500 ft climb.
The beginning of the hike up from the Grotto.
Looking upward to where we're headed
You wouldn't even know people were hiking up this thing.
Hardcore sisters
Dad was great taking pics (taking over for my mom)
Walter's Wiggles, a set of 21 switchbacks
An overview from above
After Scout's Lookout the chains begin and continue for the last half mile.
How cool is it up here!
We are hiking to the furthest point along this ridge with the chains, kinda crazy?
The angels have landed. I can see why angels come here.
Who wouldn't love this view. Kandis didn't dare come sit, let alone lay on this slope.
Dad and me on top of the world.
Can you believe how high this is? So cool.
Kate and me on the highest point, Kandis couldn't watch.
Kandis couldn't wait to get down, she was having a serious bit of height fright, a little uncommon for her but she smiled for the pic nonetheless.
Thanks dad, that hike rocked.