a true discovery?

I don't think so. You may remember this from last year but the first hike of the day is to Adam's rock. (He thinks he discovered it but it was already labeled on the canyon map as a generic ' slit arch'. We will, I am sure, be calling it Adam's Rock for the rest of our lives though.)

I was el prego last year so I didn't hike to the top VIEW HERE, mostly because it is super steep up the sandstone face. This year I was excited to see it up close.

The Olsons in the slots / Liv's and Kristopher made the climb as well. Go Liv's!

KateO and me on the way down in the slots.

Next stop was West Canyon but we endured a very quick downpour WITH HAIL for a few minutes sitting towards the end of the canyon in our boat. Needless to say we all got soaked without getting in the water. But these wondrous quick showers bring cascades over the canyon walls - a rare sight.

Coop's got to come on this one.

This is the first of the multiple Falls we hiked to.

And this is the second on the right which was only flowing because of the rain shower...awesome. Cooper thought they were really cool.

We all had to get pictures, Coop was in a flashy mood that afternoon.

On the walk back, isn't it beautiful here? I love it.

I can't get over this kid's faces.

The sand mountain we had to climb down with quick sand at the bottom (not really but you sink to your knees).

And what hike isn't complete without finding frogs.

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