homemade vs dairy

They are equal I say. Cooper and I stayed back in the Falls for a week to hang with the parents a bit longer while dad went back to work. We started the week off on a perfect summer evening with a classic Olson treat of homemade rasberry ice cream. We played on the grass while it froze. Cooper didn't like the grass.

But he loved the ice cream. Cooper never passes up ice cream.

Kate was hooking him up. mmmm.

A constant favorite at grandma's, the tramp.

The Valentines joined us and it was fun playing with baby Kelsie.

The next night for FHE we ventured to the next stop on the list, Reeds Dairy.

MMM, ice cream has to be one of my favorite treats.

And Cooper sampling everyone's flavors.

And we were lucky enough to enjoy a nice sunset with the silhouette of the cows ;)

They had a small petting area and Cooper loved the goats.

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