mountain of sand vs. the sanddevil

Lets get this party started right. Sunglasses √

Cousins with sunglasses √

We made our way up Sand Mountain once again with Cooper in tow. He thought this place was pretty cool.

Resting after the stairMaster

Checking the scenery out with Grandpa, I love these shots.

The grandkids, the girls, and the guys.

Running down, the highlight after the stairclimb.

Back down for a swim, the youngest two of the crew.

Miss Kenedee rockin the goggles.

A little nude sun-bathing

And the unveiling of this beauty.

Steve worked hard on this image and he celebrated the moment in full "Page SandDevil" glory. He put Kristopher to shame with his head-to-toe look right?

Watching the Carp swarm with Grandma

Party of 15 anyone?

The boys playing in the boat.

This lovely trip was sponsored by this adorable couple ;)

A short swim up Cathedral Canyon, quite the view.

All the little kids thought they were pretty big on this first/short hike.

Looks like the end of walk here.

A nice late afternoon swim before heading in.

Cooper 'surviving' his jacket, he hated it.

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