I see you window

The infamous Wahweap Window was on deck for the day. Steve got a little too much sun the day before so he was taking precautions.

It was a bit of a walk to hike up to it but Cooper was a champ, even in his mid-riff.

Mom and her photo opps, we love them.

Almost there.

The family pic looking outward

Hanging out inside the caves

Yes, that IS quality you're looking at.

The grandkids (minus 1, Benson. Kurt's fam couldn't make it this year cause he started med school)

Exploring the rocks

Fun in the water commenced after that. Grandpa had a new tube and the kids were excited to try it out.

And what day is complete without getting ice cream.


Emily said...

That is a seriously sweet 'stache on Steve

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Too fun!