pitstop in the falls

We made it out to the falls for our annual LP extravaganza and had a few days to spare and adjust to the time difference before the big trip. Cooper was excited to be there.

And what do you do on Fridays in Idaho Falls in the summer? Go to Blacktail Lake of course.

Cooper's first time on the boat went pretty well although the life jacket was a bit of a battle occasionally.

Once this kid sacked out we all started playing.

My dad is the master slalomer.

It was a good day on the lake.

Do we look alike?

On the way home a storm was rolling into the valley and it looked pretty awesome up on the hills with these new windmills.

I think they are pretty cool looking. My mom isn't sure about them ;)

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Dana said...

You and your sister are like twins and I love the windmill pics!!