to the top of the tetons

Jackson Hole here we come. We headed straight to the tram to take in the views from the top.

All aboard!

Love this of Coop

Where the tram ends up on top, a sweet shack that serves up hot waffles (pretty cool in the winter for a ski break).

The vacation crew, tetons in the background

Climbing to the tip top of the overlook

And this is the extreme wind experience

Heading inside for a little break from the windy cold air

The valley view

Love at the top ;)

This is pure happiness

Headed back down, loved all the yellow wheel

Mom and her two girls and my two boys

Once we were down we hung out on the grounds for a bit to let Cooper play

He had a great time with grandpa running and chasing

Very cool visit indeed

Some peepers in the bathroom, hehe


celeste said...

whoa! it looks brisk up top. good thing you brought jackets, i don't know if i would have remembered.

Katelyn said...

love all the romance shots! you took some sweet photos kel!