anxiety much

We headed west to spend time with my family for a few weeks and I couldn't have been more anxious about flying with these two boys. It had been 8 months since we'd flown last. I thought Ryder would do fine but didn't know if Cooper would sit in his seat for 4 hours and not run the aisles.

Alas, the flight was a cake walk and they even slept half the time - both on me of course.


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Oh gosh that is awesome!
I used to love flying...you could read a book, sleep and talk to someone new! Now days I am just a big pillow! My legs fall asleep from me not daring to move when someone is asleep on my lap and I usually end up with some sticky "something" in about 3 spots on me!
LOVE the picture!

Jillian said...

love all the pics of those cute little boys! And the asparagus & beef in the truck..hilarious! Hope you had a great trip!