mammoth wings

Cooper was have some relaxing time in the morning before another big day ahead.

Mammoth Geyser was our first stop of the day and it was pretty mammoth.

The water flow wasn't that great but the colors were still cool.

Ryder having a snooze on grandma.

Pitstop in the small town for some snacks and a herd of elk just happened to be chillin there too.

Coops enjoyed his powdered donut.

Gorgeous views on the way to the next stop.

We ate a quick lunch out of the car before we hiked to some falls.

Ryder just hanging in the car while we ate.

Come to find out the hike down to these falls were closed so we just viewed them from the overlook. Steve was glad about that, haha.

Playing with the toys and getting ice cream before the drive back to the IF.

A new bear from grandma kept him company.

We ate on some wings when we got back for the evening and we were all glad to be out of the car.

Crown for you, crown for me

Thanks for the trip mom and dad, we had a blast.

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