heavy water

We were off to two hikes by late afternoon and since we were seeing waterfalls, I strapped Cooper in tight to his pack. Waterfalls and kids running around freak me out.

And we were RIGHT by the water, Cooper couldn't even look away.

Now that is some heavy water flow

Love this, we were practically on top of the water

The view looking outward, the Grand canyon of Yellowstone I believe

the familia de clark

Coming back, now that was a great hike.

Next hike further down the canyon, me and a tree

Steep canyon walls

This lovely lady of the rocks

And finally we made it to the view

We look back to see the falls we just came from.

familia once more

All of us, and it's getting darker by the minute.

After some cheeseburgers at a diner we headed back to West Yellowstone to sleep and traffic was held up pretty slow for a few miles thanks to these brown beauties clogging the lanes.

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Emily said...

You guys are adorable. I miss your face! Isn't the sleepy time wrap the greatest thing ever?!?