one year later

Cooper woke up to a new car seat and new books for his birthday. He looks thrilled right?

Dear Zoo immediately became his favorite new book.

Checking out the party favors for later, he loves the robot walking.

A favorite of Cooper's, breakfast smoothies.

And more stories with Dad, he is loving books lately.


Kristen said...

That is awesome because Abbie got that exact car seat for her birthday a month ago. Nice........ Happy Birthday Cooper!

c said...

i guess it's a good thing i'm late to the party (as usual). we always give "dear zoo" for first birthdays! although, based on the current state of our own copy, it might not hurt to have 2. :)

dallin+michelle said...

gosh k... you got yourself one cue little boy!! love the one of him lovin' his walking robot :) happy babies are THE best!! just want to love 'em and squish 'em.