the beach and an angel

Our next day in Charleston was more relaxed and low key. We headed to Folly Beach for some fun in the sun.

We hung out on the fishing pier for a bit and checked out all the local fishermen/women/kids.

This pier was awesome and super long.

Checking out the ocean.

The real fun got started when we hit the sand.

Eating sand.

Wrecking sand.

Drawing in sand.

Cooper had a good time for his first ocean beach day.

I can't give him enough kisses everyday.

I love being so close to beaches out here.

On our way back we stopped at the Angel Oak tree thought to be 1500+ years old with a canopy of 17,000 sq ft.

Dad showing Cooper around.

The circumference of the trunk is 25.5 feet.

Our familia hanging out by the limbs.

A nerdy tourist stop turned out to be quite cool (and one of the few free things to do).

That evening we walked around downtown and made a quick stop by the Old Slave Mart.

Slave auctions were held here back in 1859. That had to have been a crazy time.

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