rip passat, hello pilot

My first car I bought (a 2000 Passat in '03) was costing us an arm and a leg every year in expensive fixes so after putting another grand into it in November we put it up for sale and sold it in 5 days on craigslist - which then left us a single car family sporting Steve's 96' Nissan Sentra as the family sedan for a month. Although it can be done, only having one car, it is nice being able to have two again.
It came down to a Nissan Pathfinder or a Honda Pilot and the winning choice for the new mobile was a Honda Pilot. It was so much bigger inside. We got a killer deal on a lease turn in and got an '06 Honda Pilot EXL. Hello sweet ride. Glad to have you join us.


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Love it!

Stef said...

I like the new ride. Your baby is adorable!

Carter Family said...

I thought for sure the minivan. JK Sweet Ride. Honda's last forever. :-)