cowboy cousins

I love this pic. These two loved hanging together.
They love vacation at Grandma's.
Dad's Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. They gave all the kids these free hats. Kandis and me had our hands full during dinner because Lincoln didn't want to eat when the food came and Kenedee had to go to the bathroom. Then Cooper so timely decided to blow out his pants. My mom helped me go change him and put on his backup outfit all the while our food is getting cold and everyone is practically done. The joys of motherhood have arrived ;)
Cowboy hats for everyone.


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Looks like a fun vaca! Isn't it weird once everyone starts having babies? It makes it all the more fun to go home to hang with everyone!

Jillian said...

Kelli- cooper is getting so big I love the pictures in his pj's with big eyes. He is adorable. Looks like you had some fun times this christmas.