hanging in the Falls

Kenedee wrote her letter to Santa so we all went and dropped it at Santa's mailbox. It was by the Museum of Idaho where we visited afterwards to checkout their nativity display and gingerbreadhouse display.
After dropping it in the box, Kenedee wanted it back. She didn't quite get the mailing aspect. She kept Cooper entertained in the car. He thought she was the coolest.
Kenedee was always busy in the playroom all week and she had set up all these cups, dishes, and food in such an artful random order. I had to take a picture.
Pretty often we were all on our computers over the few weeks and my mom just thought it was hilarious so she made us all sit together to get a picture. Gotta lover her.

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Michelle said...

Love to see those big beautiful Mac's!! My husband thinks you are really cool now. :)