happy birthday dad

We of course had to take pictures the Sunday before Christmas.
The grandkids and grandparents.
Cooper, Kenedee, and Lincoln, just about the best pic we could get.
My mom and me both put on black turtlenecks, had to get a picture.
Cooper enjoying the afternoon.
Kenedee LOVED holding Cooper about everyday. Both Kenedee and Grandma loved talking him.
That evening we celebrated my dad's 54th birthday. It only happens every few years that us kids are home for his party. It was fun to celebrate with him.
Dad looking thrilled to open his presents.
Make a good wish dad!

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Emily said...

yeah! I love the Olson clan! I think it's kinda funny we've all given birth to little clones of our husbands . . . :p I need to meet that little guy!