rainbow, heat, hole

Day two we headed up to Rainbow Bridge, a classic, because Paige (our first timer) hadn't seen it yet, which is always the rule. This was Adam and Steve the whole ride.
At the docks ready to hike. (love my moms face)
There it is, the wonder that is Rainbow Bridge.
Love Kate's hair in this pic
the Clark familia
Everyone loves it, well almost.
Steve pondering the beauty, or something.
Me and my 31 week self.
The Olson Family photo opt. (one of many)
Kate is really having a good time. Can I get a ride too dad?
Walking back to the boat - this cute man.
The other stop, Hole in the Rock, a hike up the crevice where the pioneers brought wagons down. Can you imagine?
So it was these 5 and my dad that took the hike this year. I sat out being pregnant, bummer, and Kandis and Mom swam with the kids.
They made it to the top in all their glory! I think Steve is starting to like this hike too.
The hike registrar. Steve was here.
Back at the bottom of the canyon for a cool swim. Day 2, you were great.


Michelle said...

I can not believe you are 31 weeks pregnant!! Time flies, at least for us that aren't pregnant. ;) You look great and it looks like so much fun!

Stef said...

Wow you look great!!! Looks like so much fun. I agree with Michelle my how time flys when you're not the pregnant one!