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Day Three was a beach day - all day. This is pretty much what I did all day, either on the beach or on the boat, no water activities for me, :(
Steve was first up wakeboarding
He kept to just jumping the wake instead of flips this year, phew.
Kenedee collected shells with Paige and Lincoln loved the sand.
Kate's turn wakeboarding.
Lunch under the canopy.
Hey mom!
Kenedee's first time kneeboarding (with her mom for safety). This was the coolest thing ever, you go little lady! And the good thing was she loved it, and they never fell.
She was one proud little girl.
Kandis & Kate doing their famous routine on the kneeboards.
Kurt and Miss Kenedee, don't you just love Powell.

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Kristen said...

You look so cute pregnant dude! I wish I looked as cute! I can't believe that you are already like 31 weeks. I am getting induced in 2weeks exactly from tomorrow! Whoo hoo! I've been waiting for pics from Lake Powell! They are nice and look so fun. Anyway, I'll talk to you!