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We made it to Powell and the first day was a bit overcast which made it perfect to hike Sand Mountain. The best thing about this Sand Mountain is that it's white sand, not orange.

Our crew, much smaller this year without our cousins...tear.
The girls on top!
Running back down the mountain.
Next activity, hiking to Wahweap Window.
All made from sand, water, and wind - amazing.
This window is famous for it's name carvings and we added our names years ago back in '89. I can't believe that was already 20 years ago. We visited in 89, 98, 99, 00, and now 09.
The family and view back to Wahweap Bay.
Exploring around.
That afternoon brought us to Antelope Canyon and a bunch of muck. We run into this wood debris at the end of canyons every so often and that doesn't stop us from heading up. (Notice Steve was the only one who opted out of this hike)
And if we would have hiked for a bunch of miles we would have seen these famous slots. But we didn't have time for that.
Back in the boat was this little lady chillin out.
The return of the hikers, man this stuff was sick!!!
Relaxing ride back to the marina. What's next for tomorrow?

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