tubes and cabbage

We headed up to Helen, GA to float the river with the Kelley's. Coop had a nice nap as we floated most of the way. I don't think it was Steve's favorite afternoon (since he was the one having to pull us off rocks after getting stuck) but overall it was enjoyed.

BUT just like we thought it was a good idea, so did everyone else in Atlanta. There were soooooo many people up there, practically ridiculous but made for some good people watching.

The Kelley's wanted to make a pit-stop at the Babyland Hospital on the way home (where Cabbage Patch kids are born ;)

And it was the funniest thing. The place was decked out, they have deliveries all day, they do ultrasounds on the cabbage, you can name the babies, it was quite cute for little girls to check out.

And if I had one wish I would put the cabbage patch smell into candle form so I could smell it all day. I miss that smell, oh the childhood memories. The blonde canvas on the bottom right looks exactly like one I had back in the day.


Jackie said...

We totally went to that Cabbage Patch Kid place when we lived in Atlanta! I remember they named one of the "newborn" babies after Jenn... ha!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Hey!!!! That was awesome! WE loved it! I totally know what you mean about the smell! You will have to ask Jackie about her "special" Cabbage Patch Kid sometime! Good times! Right Jackie?