thirty-one, really

It's our year to both turn 31 and Steve's birthday comes 3 months and 3 days before mine. We celebrated with the usual Outback affair and spent time with Mr. Coop. A great birthday indeed. He, of course, is buying his own birthday present this year, something along the lines of golf probably.

I surprised Steve with a giant quart of TCBY cotton candy frozen yogurt instead of a cake (oh yeah, don't even think you're too old for cotton candy flavor). I made a rainbow chip cake at his family dinner the previous Sunday so I had to do something else I knew he'd love. And he did.

Cooper loves hanging out with his Dad

My cute boys ;)


Hannah Ashmore said...

so fun! happy b-day steve!

Erin and Corey said...

31? Wow Steve. You are getting up there :) Looks like Cooper really does love his daddy. Hey, you should seriously make a trip up to DC this fall, yeah? Bring the Kurt crew with ya and crash at our place.