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The Fourth of July was fun even though it was no match for an Idaho Falls Fourth of July ;) but the south still tries to do it up right. We went to the local parade and festivities with Steve's fam. Nothing like watching a million politicians campaigning and pageant girls waving for half the parade entries. But we did get to enjoy carnival food, namely a delicious corndog, my fave.

Cooper loves to attack my chin like it's a teething toy. We both end up laughing everytime.

Cooper loved his amazing flag shirt courtesy Grandma Kris, classic.

Our familia ready to go home for naps.

We showed Cooper a few fireworks and sparklers at home that evening. He just stared at them (I think cause he likes lights) but didn't show too much excitement. Steve and me had fun though. I tried to give Cooper a good show, lol.


Erin and Corey said...

We missed you this year in Idaho Falls! so I was looking at your stroller straps in the pic above - Kelsey hates when I do the top part of her straps up in the stroller so I just them hang down and she plays with them. I noticed you have them hooked up but just around Coop's middle. Is that how you usually have them?

陳珮琴 said...
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