calling all sham-rockers

Green looks good on me huh mom? Happy Birthday to Uncle Adam.
And Happy Birthday to Mr. Cole!
Our nephew Cole turned 4 this Patty's Day, we were glad to have a party to go to wear our green gear.
Cole is loving all things Batman these days, I love his face opening the Batmobile.
This kid has quite the mannerisms of Steve as a kid, pretty funny watching him grow up. Will Cooper be like him too? I hope so, he's hilarious.
Getting tickled by grandma.
I love this little mister.
Posing with Kasey and Tate. Thanks for the party.


dallin+michelle said...

SO stinkin' cute!! goodness a hot momma with a handsome little guy!! THE happiest little guy at that! sigh... oh to be you :)

A. Kuhni said...

Hey there lady! Is your friend in the last picture with you a twin?

Love the green Patty's Day birthday party!

Hannah Ashmore said...

seriously your kid is ADORABLE.

Captain Henry Chay said...

Your little boy is really very cute! I like his hair style too :)